May 2020 edition

Welcome to the May edition in which we investigate the goldrush for online model services; evaluate the good, the bad & the ugly among casting sites; and revere the beauty of Lora Mua, Uma & Mickaella.

April 2020 edition

Welcome to the April edition of the Black Book Magazine in which we address Harvey Weinstein’s lasting legacy upon the media industry, look at the impact of the digital magazine upon the advertising sector & introduce the beauty of models Dominika, Mickaella & Uma…

March 2020 edition

Welcome to the equinox edition of the Black Book in which we foresee the future of Britain’s fashion industry in shifting trade winds, take a nostalgic stroll down Carnaby Street & say saluete to Uma, Patrice & Laura Danielle.

February 2020 edition

Welcome to February’s installment of the Black Book,  a special edition in which we interview Phil Green, the founder of Fanzworld a potential game-changer for the glamour industry and forecast the demise of London’s once-lucrative ‘gentlemen’s club’ scene amid allegations of intrigue & misconduct.  We also feature pictorials with models Laura Danielle, Parisienne, Cody Cataluffi & Kasia, and revisit Henry VIII’s former hunting grounds in Soho.

January 2020 edition

Welcome to the New Year edition of the Black Book Guide to London in which we review the pleasures of Browns & Mayfair, enjoy the beauty of Parisienne, Esra & Polyanna, and delve deeply into the dark realm of sex trafficking through the eyes of the National Crime Agency…

December 2019 edition

In the December edition of the Black Book we exhume the ashes of Victoria’s not-so-Secret Angels, revisit the seasonal offerings of The Bank & Covent Garden, & feature pictorials with Medusa, Tania Aresti, Parisienne, Esra & Pollyanna.

November 2019 edition

Welcome to the November edition which stargazes into the future of the glamour model industry, reviews the cult movie Hustlers & the entertainments of North Greenwich & features pictorials of star models Rosie, Kate Diaz, Esra & Parisienne.

October 2019 edition

In your October edition we lift the veil on fashion’s enduring fascination with nudity; reveal more of your favourite stars Esra, Nikki, Claudia & Grace; review the highlights of the Modelesque fashion week show at the iconic London Playboy Club & suggest where to dine in Marylebone…

September 2019 edition

Welcome to the September edition of the Black Book Guide to London, featuring more of our favourite haunts, pictorials with muses Ria Fantastic, Nikita Gokhale, Claudia Carlenne & Aurora and an exposé of the coming era of glasnost for London Fashion Week.

August 2019 edition

Welcome to the August edition of the Black Book Magazine which features what to do & where to go in Notting Hill, why the UK’s latest legislation risks resurrecting the adult film industry, plus more pictorials from the girls of Dollywood…