January 2021 edition

Welcome to the New Year’s Edition of the Black book, with an investigation into the adult industry’s missing billions, a wander through the West End, plus pictorials with Dominika Brodowska, Vonny Lang & Alesha Thorpe.  Happy 2021!

December 2020 edition

Welcome to a colourful festive edition of the Black Book, in which we feature models Thalia Fernandez, Alesha Thorpe & Emmerald Barwise and review where to dine in London this Christmas.

November 2020 edition

Welcome to the November edition of the Black Book in which we capture the brilliant hues of autumn, gaze into the crystal ball to divine the future of love, and celebrate the beauty of more of London’s models.

October 2020 edition

Welcome to the October edition in which we visit the surreal silence surrounding London Fashion Week & reflect upon the rapid changes to our industry through the eyes of the Black Book Magazine.   In terms of our beauty offerings, we feature pictorials with Vonny Lang, Emmerald Barwise & Lizzy Foster.  Enjoy!

September 2020 edition

Our September edition reveals the minefield of unspoken rules which impact all unwary photographers in London & reminisces over the rapidly changing landscape of fashion and glamour that has shaken our industry.  From the perspective of beauty, we welcome Vonny Lang who has just arrived in London from New York via Singapore & feature more stunning designs by Kate Díaz, while Patrice Nyarko strikes a powerful pose of intent…


August 2020 edition

In this edition, we delve deeper into the pandemic of ‘Revenge Pornography’ & ask whether the latest generation of smart camera phones will put the professional photographer out of business, plus pictorials with Kate Diaz, Patrice Nyarko, Scarlet D & Dominika Brodowska.

July 2020 edition

Welcome to the July edition of the Black Book featuring articles on the future of fashion shows & the ingenuity of remote photography, plus pictorials with Dominika, Nikita, Scarlet D & GeeGee.

June 2020 edition

Welcome to the June edition of the Black Book Magazine in which we welcome the return of the Spice Girls’ star designer Dee Izmail & gaze into the crystal ball to glimpse the future of the fashion industry.   Our featured models of the month are GeeGee, Cindy & glamour supermodel Nikita Gordijn.

May 2020 edition

Welcome to the May edition in which we investigate the goldrush for online model services; evaluate the good, the bad & the ugly among casting sites; and revere the beauty of Lora Mua, Uma & Mickaella.

April 2020 edition

Welcome to the April edition of the Black Book Magazine in which we address Harvey Weinstein’s lasting legacy upon the media industry, look at the impact of the digital magazine upon the advertising sector & introduce the beauty of models Dominika, Mickaella & Uma…